Reliance has one of the most experienced petrochemicals supply and marketing operations in Pakistan. Reliance composite blends are used as solvents or active ingredient in pesticides and as diluents in thinners for paints and varnishes, paint driers, colour printing of fabrics, metal cleaning and degreasing, preparation of furniture, shoe and floor polishes, dry cleaning formulations and as input in rubber industries.



The RPIL is exclusive importer of White Spirit and Speciality products of Abu Dhabi National oil Company (ADNOC) UAE’s in Pakistan. ADNOC produce a wide range of white spirits and aromatic hydrocarbons with boiling ranges which typically lie between 150°C and 210°C.  They are clear water-white liquids, chemically stable and non-corrosive and possess a mild odour. White spirits are used as solvents or diluents in thinners for paints and varnishes, paint driers, colour printing of fabrics, metal cleaning and degreasing, preparation of furniture, shoe and floor polishes, dry cleaning formulations, rubber industry and in chemical industry for producing composite solvents.


The ADNOC’s special boiling point (SBP) solvents range is a versatile group of fast to medium evaporating aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids, consisting of paraffins and cycloparaffins in the C6-C10 range. Due to the way they are manufactured, including deep hydrogenation, their impurities are very low and aromatics content is virtually undetectable.


RPIL supplies high purity, relatively high boiling hydrocarbon solvents which are produced from finest Quality inputs of ADNOC’s White Spirit, SBP and LBO after processing conditions and naturally low in impurities. Isoparaffins are virtually odourless making them particularly suitable for use in odour-free paints, printing inks, dry cleaning, wallpaper manufacture, photocopying, household sprays, fragrant polishes and hand cleaners. The RelianSol  mineral spirits contains an extremely wide range of solvents, having flash points in the range of 35°C up to 165°C. These products are mixtures of normal-, iso- and cyclo-paraffins.


The RPIL’s De-aromatised Solvents maintain good solvency characteristics without compromising safety, health and environmental standards. De-aromatic solvents have been classified in to three product segments, namely low flash point, medium flash point, and high flash point products.

These de-aromatized hydrocarbon solvents with extremely low aromatic content find application across a diverse set of industries including resins and paints, metal working fluids, cleaning and degreasing products, pesticides, pest control products and other applications. RelianSol maintain good solvency characteristics for a wide variety of applications.


RelianSol aromatic fluids are heavy aromatic grades with high solvency and controlled evaporation characteristics that make them versatile performers in agricultural applications, Pesticides, Fungicides and agrochemicals. Aromatic Solvents consisting of paraffins and cycloparaffins in the C9-C12 range. RelianSol has a complete range of hydrocarbon fluids for crop protection, inerts, dispersants and adjuvants. 


RPIL produce finest quality marking inks from finest quality feed stocks for application as FG  and printing ink formulations help printers achieve fast cycle times and quality reproduction. Used to formulate inks for offset printing processes including heat set (web feed) and quick set (sheet feed). “Reliance P.inks” are tailored to the solvency and boiling range requirements of ink formulations. Aniline points hinder the over-transfer of inks, resulting in sharp letters and characters.