Our Business

Reliance Pakistan is the first and sole manufacturer of White Oils in Pakistan. Our extensive range of White Oils serves vast industry of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics such as creams, lotions, hair oils, petroleum jelly, ointments, laxatives etc. It also find application in many other industrial segments such as polystyrene manufacturing, food packaging industries, protective coatings for fruits and vegetables, food preservatives, veterinary preparations etc. From crude oil to finished product, our fully integrated Manufacturing Units have the capacity and capability to deliver various types of solvents and white oils to cater the industry and to meet business needs of our stakeholders.


The Reliance Petrochem Industries Pvt Limited Karachi Pakistan is the exclusive importer of Group II + and Group III base oils of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) UAE and leading refineries of the world including Saudi Aramco Base oil Company - Luberef Saudi Arabia in Pakistan.


Reliance White oils are pure medicinal white oils provide an ideal solution in a host of cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Offering excellent hydration and emollience, they deliver the ultimate in purity, technical excellence and quality reliability throughout the supply chain.


Reliance has one of the most experienced petrochemicals supply and marketing operations in Pakistan. Reliance composite blends are used as solvents or active ingredient in pesticides and as diluents in thinners for paints and varnishes, paint driers, colour printing of fabrics, metal cleaning and degreasing, preparation of furniture, shoe and floor polishes, dry cleaning formulations and as input in rubber industries.


The RPIL is leading importer and exporter of Polymers in the region, importing all grades including PP and PE from leading producers of the world and supplies to the regional producers.


Reliance Fully refined waxes produced paraffin hydrocarbons, which impart excellent gloss and water repellent properties. Reliance offers fully refined paraffin waxes with low-, mid- and high-range melting points. They are translucent crystalline material in the solid state and a water white, low viscosity, clear liquid when molten.